This is quite a complicated question to answer. There are multiple brands, colours and versions of Tongkat Ali Supplements and a whole lot of misinformation around the topic.

The truth is not all brands are created equal. This entire post is dedicated to giving you the facts about Tongkat Ali. Then we will break down each brand giving you the low-down on what works well – and what doesn’t. So you can make an informed decision.

Colour – Is Yellow Tongkat Ali Truly The Best Tongkat Ali?

Best tongkatali color - yellow

The root of the Tongkat Ali plant is yellow in colouration. The picture above is a Tongkat Ali Root. As you can see, it is a deep yellow (sometimes brown). The closer the extract is to this colour – the purer the Tongkat Ali. Bear this in mind when you make a purchase. Our brand of Tongkat Ali Root Extract is considered a leader in Australia because of this very reason. It is as close to the colour of the original root as it gets.

Some websites claim to have their own amazing colour which they say is the “real colour” of Tongkat Ali. Most notably – Red Tongkat Ali. The thing is, many of these brands are not actually selling the root of the plant, but a dyed extract instead. Sometimes it’s not even from the root itself – but that’s a different issue.

If you want a real Tongkat Ali supplement – then make sure you select a yellow Tongkat Ali. This is the version of Tongkat Ali that contains no added ingredients, colourants or preservatives.

The Active Ingredients Of The Tongkat Ali Supplement

Tongkat Ali Extract Suplements - Active Ingredients

When choosing a Tongkat Ali product, it is important to understand the active ingredients. You can’t just select any Tongkat Ali supplement – you need to look at the concentrations of the different ingredients. Eurycomanone is the main active ingredient in Tongkat Ali.

To really benefit from Tongkat Ali – the Eurycomanone (which is the active ingredient in Tongkat Ali) needs to be bioavailable which is a fancy way of saying it needs to be able to absorbed by the human body. Tongkat Ali Extract in its raw and natural state is the most bioavailable form that we know of so far.

That’s why we sell our Tongkat Ali without too much processing in between and not many extract ingredients or other fillers added.

Our formulation contains pure Tongkat Ali which contains mostly Eurycomanone (the active ingredient in Tongkat Ali). We’ve also done an enhanced Chromatography on the product which shows that it contains approximately ~2% Eurycomanone by HPTLC.

Not many brands will tell you the approximate composition of their active ingredient. Combined with our dosage, this is a moderately good amount of Eurycoma Longifolia in one capsule.

Some brands will try to confuse their customers by showing research studies on one ingredient (usually Eurycomanone) but coupling this with an extremely small concentration of the actual ingredient in the bottle.

Bear in mind, many of these supplements use poor quality ingredients (or none at all) and there is no way they can be effective when combined with other cheap or inactive compounds.

Unfortunately, these other active ingredients can also come with side effects, especially if combined with additional ingredients or taken in higher dosages.

VERDICT: The Best Quality Tongkat Ali Brands In Australia

There are a few Tongkat Ali Roots Brands that stand out in the Australian market. We’ll list them below and explain why:

1. Our own brand (Herbal Defence – Tongkat Ali Australia) – because we use pure Tongkat Ali Root Extract which is yellow in colour and our purity is unmatched, this makes it one of the best on the market. A single vegan capsule a day is all it takes to see results.

2. AkarAli – this is a good brand, but make sure you select the yellow root form to ensure you’re getting the most bioavailable product. Their dosage could be a little higher but everything else checks out. Unfortunately this not available in Australia.

3. Source Naturals, Tongkat Ali from iHerb – They use a good quality extract, but it’s not as concentrated as ours or Akar Ali. We would recommend you try it but you may need to increase the dosage to see any benefits.

A warning when Purchasing Other Tongkat Ali Root Extract Brands

There are also other Popular Tongkat Ali products that we would advise against purchasing. These are mostly the ones that look like gym products or are sold out of peoples basements. They contain a lot of artificial ingredients – designed to speak to the average person who is not well-educated in the field of supplements. They also have a high price tag, but it’s because of all the extra ingredients and fillers they contain – not because of the quality of the Tongkat Ali.

When looking for a Tongkat Ali supplement, make sure you select one that contains pure Tongkat Ali extract without any other extra active ingredients or fillers. Our own brand (Herbal Defence – Tongkat Ali Australia) meets this criterion and our dosage is moderate to high, making it one of the best on the market. Other reputable brands include AkarAli and Source Naturals.

Stick With The Herbal Remedy!

Tongkat Ali Roots in Southeast Asia were used for a long time to help with all sorts of ailments. Tongkat Ali – is a herbal supplement. It has been used for centuries with no reports of serious side effects.

The people who promote these “alternative ingredients” and “patented formulations” do not have your best interest at heart. They are always trying to sell you their newest herbal supplement, which will only lead to more prescriptions and doctor visits – so they can make even more money off of your illness…

So don’t fall for the gimmicks! Go with a good Tongkat Ali brand that meets our criteria (most important being purity) and you should be well on your way to better health in no time. Tongkat Ali supplements are not meant to be complicated.

Purchase a standardized tongkat ali extract which comes from actual Tongkat Ali Roots and is an actual Tongkat Ali Root Extract and move away from other Tongkat Ali brands that try and lure you in with their fancy marketing terms and formulations.

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