How Long Till Tongkat Ali Starts To Work?

How Long Till Tongkat Ali Starts To Work?

Tongkat Ali is rapidly gaining a lot of attention on account of its various benefits. Having stress relieving, erectile function improvement, and anti-bacterial and anti-malarial properties, among other pros, the herbal supplement is gaining a lot of interest from buyers as well as researchers. As Tongkat Ali gains more popularity and comes more in use as a health supplement among the masses, a question that is also coming to the forefront is “how long before I start seeing the impact of Tongkat Ali?” or “how long till Tongkat Ali starts to work?”. Tongkat Ali has various benefits which can be seen over a period of time. As with any health supplement, the period over which the effects of the product will be visible varies based on multiple factors.

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Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has been known historically in the Southeast Asian and Indochina regions for its medicinal benefits for various specific ailments as well as overall health benefits. For example, Tongkat Ali has been used since ancient times for healing fevers, migraines, and even malaria. Additionally, the herb has been used to uplift one’s mood, relieve stress, and promote calmness. Most importantly, the herb has been used widely for its hormone-producing functions, more particularly its role in improving testosterone levels in the blood, which helps in preventing or combating erectile dysfunctions, improving sexual drive and performance, and improving male fertility. The herb is also highly beneficial in improving muscle mass and overall body composition. A lot of people today associate Tongkat Ali mainly with testosterone improvement and forget its other benefits. This also leads to fewer women using this herb, along with the fear that increased testosterone in women would lead to the development of secondary male characteristics. Males, on the other hand, are greatly drawn toward Tongkat Ali, and every day more and more individuals are opting to include this “miracle” herb into their routine and diet.

Dosage and Precautions

When consuming Tongkat Ali, careful consideration needs to be put into its dosage. Too much consumption can have some adverse effects, most commonly known among which is an upset stomach. While there is still quite a lot of debate around it, however, in general, consumption of 200mg to 400mg of Tongkat Ali every day is safe. But it is not so simple. Before you start taking this herbal supplement, there are various precautions that need to be taken.

For starters, when determining the dosage of the product, it is also important to note what strength you are choosing. Tongkat Ali most commonly comes in two strengths, 1×100 and 1×200. The 1×100 indicates that 1 kg of Tongkat Ali was extracted from 100 kgs of Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longifolia Roots. Similarly, the 1×200 indicates that the same amount was extracted from 200kgs of Tongkat Ali Roots. This concludes that the 1×200 strength is more concentrated, and as such, if a person purchases that, then they must adjust their intake accordingly. 

Further, some of the necessary precautions to observe when considering Tongkat Ali include Consulting your doctor to get an affirmative answer for consuming this supplement. People who consume any medications or suffer from ailments like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc., must not consume or, if allowed, consume a very regulated amount of the supplement. Secondly, when consuming Tongkat Ali, it is essential to consume it the way it is supposed to be consumed. Since Tongkat Ali can cause an upset stomach, it should not be taken with a heavy meal. Ideally, people are recommended to intake Tongkat Ali with a big glass of water, green tea, or even a protein shake. The dosage can be split into multiple consumptions; for example, you can take 100mg of Tongkat Ali after breakfast and 100 mg after lunch (provided you do not eat heavy). Tongkat Ali is known for giving you almost instant energy, and as such, it should not be consumed at night or before going to bed. It is highly recommended that people new to Tongkat Ali start slow, with less consumption of the product for at least a week, and then gradually increase intake as their body adjusts to the new supplement.

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How Long Till Tongkat Ali Starts to Work

A lot of people pose this question before they include the product in their routine. As for how long it takes till Tongkat Ali starts to work or starts showing any difference, the answer varies based on the type of changes one is looking for. For example, as far as the function of providing energy goes, some users report feeling energized within a few minutes, while others took a couple of hours to feel energized. However, this increase can be a temporary one, and a more permanent result in this regard can be seen within 12 hours to 24 hours after consumption.

As far as the question of improving testosterone levels, improving erectile function, and promoting hormonal production goes, Tongkat Ali can show visible differences anywhere between 2 weeks to 24 weeks. You may wonder why the duration is so varied. Well, it all simply depends upon your overall health, lifestyle, and other factors like age, gender, weight, height, etc. Body composition plays a significant role in determining how long it will take the supplement to show results. The type of changes one hopes to see also count. Your body may start exhibiting some symptoms of improvement; however, a lot of people think that they will see a miraculous overnight transformation, which is simply not true. As with any supplement, Tongkat Ali also needs some time to start making long-term changes in your health.

The various benefits that Tongkat Ali provides undoubtedly make it worth it to be patient with the product and consume it as per recommendations every single day. Consistency is crucial to see the desired results. As more research goes into the product, more benefits of the herb are being found. If nothing else, its quick improvement of energy levels should help you keep faith in the product.

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