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Our High Purity 200:1 Tongkat Ali has been sourced from Sumatra - Indonesia. Sustainably grown for 5 years and then harvested and processed with a highly controlled Pure Spring Water Extraction process with no fillers, additives or contaminants.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets with 500mg of 200:1 Tongkat Ali in a vegan-friendly capsule.

Our single ingredient Tongkat Ali formula is also the only one that comes with a 100% wellness guarantee. This means that if you do not feel any benefits within 30 days of purchasing our product. We will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
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Our Most Helpful Reviews

I was dubious at first with all the claims by Tongkat Ali Australia. I enquired whether it was made in Indonesia as I understand that is where the best Tongkat Ali is found and it certainly is. A single purchase is all it took to convince me. Feeling like a million bucks. I'm coming back for more.
Nick Cahill (60 years young)
Tongkat Ali Reviewer Heath
Thanks for checking in with me- - Yes I absolutely find the product is working well for me. I've just ordered 3 more !
Heath Brennan
For those who don't know, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) has some proposed health benefits such as increased libido, lower blood pressure, increased testosterone, antioxidant properties, exercise benefits, antibacterial/anticancer properties, weight losss, and a slew of other benefits that seem to target men.

I have done some research and I suggest that you do so too before purchasing this product to see if it is right for you, since it's somewhat pricey. What I can say is that the recommended dosage on the bottle seems too high in comparison to recommended dosages online from most public reviews.

At a concentration of 500mg per capsule, most places say that that is the maximum. However, the bottle suggests that you can take up to 2 capsules per day, which would equal 1000mg - a little too much and higher than the recommended dosage of most websites promoting this product. 

After taking 1 capsule per day, I can say that it did seem to make a difference in the nether regions for my night-time activities. I can't really attest to the other benefits touted by this product, but I'm satisfied with the results.
W. Kwok
Tongakt Ali Reviewer Avatar Object
I’ve been suffering from lack of energy for a majority of my life. I always thought it was work, lack of exercise, depression — then after hearing about this from Andrew Huberman I was realizing a lot of my symptoms were likely from lack of testosterone. So I purchased these and right after a week or so being on these I reached new found levels of energy! These supplements got me back in the gym and I have been going over 4 months straight and I like to think it’s because of these pills. I know a lot of peoples bodies are different and may react differently but this we basically a life changer. I can’t recommend them enough!
D. Webster

What Exactly Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali / Long Jack has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia as traditional medicine and nutritional supplement. It is a small, evergreen tree found in the tropical rainforest. The root of the Tongkat Ali tree has been shown to have powerful properties that support male health and vitality.

The main benefit of Tongkat Ali is its ability to help maintain a healthy balance of testosterone levels in men. It is known to have natural testosterone boosting properties, which can be helpful for those who are experiencing symptoms of low T (low testosterone).

Tongkat Ali also boosts libido, energy levels, moods and stamina. Ground roots of this plant are typically used in tea, supplements or coffee drinks. If you want the benefits of Long Jack but don’t like these beverages you can find them right here on our site!

Tongkat Ali has other aliases which include Eurycoma Longifolia; Jack, Ali’s walking stick, longjack, long jack, payung ali, Malaysian ginseng, tung saw, umpudumaidu.
We get many questions regarding the legality of Tongkat Ali in Australia and we are happy to say that - Yes, Tongkat Ali is legal in Australia and it is allowed to be sold as a dietary supplement or herbal remedy.

The Benefits Of Taking Tongkat Ali

Increase Testosterone, Libido, and Erectile Function

Tongkat Ali can help boost these important hormones to increase sexual desire or effects of other male issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation.

For example, in a small double-blind study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there was a 12-week supplement of Tongkat Ali Products and Polygonum minus (an antioxidant) that helped to enhance sexual performance and function.

Another study, in a separate publication of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, involving over 109 men between 30 years and 55 years of age found that Tongkat Ali helped with an increase in male fertility, sexual function, increased sperm motility as well as volume, a significant gain in arousal and libido. A strange note was that some men classified as ‘overweight’ also experienced muscle-building fat-loss as well.

Muscle-Building properties of Tongkat Ali

As mentioned previously, in the scientific publication of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, involving over 109 men aged - 30 years and 55 years had a peculiar outcome when some men classified as ‘overweight’ also experienced a muscle-building and fat-loss effect as well.

The Root Extract of Tongkat Ali has been found to assist in increasing testosterone levels, which can help with building muscle. In one study conducted in Malaysia, Tongkat Ali was tested on weight lifters and their strength increased by 27% after taking this herb. Making it very popular in the bodybuilding community.

In another study published in 2003 by Hamzah S, Yusof A. on “The ergogenic effects of Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack): A pilot study.”. 100mg of Tongkat Ali Extract was given to men over 5 weeks. These same men saw an increased muscle mass and strength compared to a control group who did the same program without the root extract as an aide.

Tongkat Ali also might help older adults gain stronger muscles, according to a pilot study published in 2014. Each day for five weeks, 13 men and 12 women between the ages of 57 and 72 took 400 mg of a Tongkat Ali Root Extract with breakfast. At the end of the study, it was found that those who had been taking the tongkat ali were found to have raised both their free as well as total levels of testosterone as well as significantly impacted their muscular force.

Additionally, Tongkat Ali has been found to be quite high in antioxidants which can help fight free radical damage that may result from working out or other physical activity.

This ability to give aging males an increase in blood flow, maintain healthy testosterone levels and more energy is all based on scientific evidence which is very rare in a natural testosterone booster supplement.

Stress Relief and Mood Boosting Properties

Tongkat Ali contains high levels of Eurypeptides – peptides that have been shown to promote cognitive function and memory recall, as well as alleviate stress by reducing the production of cortisol and adrenaline hormones in the brain. Additionally, Tongkat Ali also contains potent anti-inflammatory substances called beta-sitosterol compounds that can lessen joint and bone pain and improve cardiovascular health.

Some research studies have suggested that Eurycoma Longifolia Jack may help to reduce stress. The available research includes a small study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition by Talbott SM, Talbott JA, George A, Pugh M.

63 people were assessed for stress hormones and mood before and after taking a Tongkat Ali supplement for a total of 4 weeks. Those who took the extract had an increase in testosterone levels as well as fewer symptoms of tension, anger, and confusion. They also saw a decrease in salivary cortisol which is the stress hormone in question.

Are there any Eurycoma Longifolia benefits for females?

Although Long Jack is used sometimes as a supplement to help women prevent unwanted weight gain, it is not an effective solution. Tongkat Ali can help to improve a woman’s energy levels and libido, but it will not cause significant weight loss.

The benefits for females also include relief from stress and anxiety, as well as an improvement in cognitive function and memory recall ability when used a nootropic supplement. Additionally, Eurycoma Longifolia can help to reduce inflammation in the body, leading to a decrease in pain levels and improved joint health.

Possible Side Effects Of Tongkat Ali

For now, doctors are not too concerned about the long-term or consistent effects of Tongkat Ali as few human studies have reported side effects including

  • Restlessness

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

Although the effects of Tongkat Ali can vary depending on factors such as age, sex, and genetics, it is not recommended for people with conditions that would be worsened by increased testosterone levels. These include heart disease, certain cancers that are sensitive to hormones (e.g., prostate cancer), liver or kidney problems, sleep apnea or other respiratory problems including those related to breathing during sleep.

Tongkat Ali is also not classified as safe for pregnant women or children, and those with weakened immune systems should avoid it.

Tongkat Ali can have adverse interactions with certain medications like blood pressure pills and diabetes drugs, Anticoagulant and antiplatelet medications as well as other supplements that should be avoided. We would advise you to speak to your doctor over the phone or in-person before ingesting to ensure it is right for you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sellers out there that are selling products that do not actually contain Tongkat Ali. This is a huge issue, as it can be dangerous to take a product that doesn't have an active ingredient. One study found that 26% of products tested contained 0.53-2.35 ppm of mercury, which is not safe for human consumption. Make sure you do your research before buying any Long Jack products to make sure you are getting the real thing!

Make sure the long jack you are buying conforms to the quality requirements of Australia (or wherever you live) and make sure it is not produced in other less restricted countries. If you Purchase your long jack from us and you can be guaranteed quality and consistency.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Tongkat Ali?

There is some debate on the best dosage of Tongkat Ali and as a general rule, we recommend 500mg per day for long-term health benefits and 1500 mg per day if you are taking it to boost your physical performance or sexual function. The standardization of our extract Formulation is ~1.5% Eurycomanone measured using HPTLC.

Some review information provided to us suggests that a dosage of 1000mg (two pills) of our formulation have provided great nootropic (cognitive) benefits to some customers.

Our dosage is based on our formulation. Dosages differ from seller to seller. Customers are required to conduct their own due diligence as to the validity of the claims made by a seller on the internet and try to spend their money wisely and expect realistic outcomes.

As always, speak with your doctor before taking any supplements and follow their advice.

Does Tongkat Ali Help With Hairloss?

There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests this might be the case. The basic premise is that It works in three ways, works as a testosterone booster in the body which in turn allows for more blood flow to the scalp, it also inhibits 5-alpha-reductase. This is an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the main culprit behind the loss of hair.

Does Tongkat Ali Increase Size?

There is some anecdotal evidence but no studies or evidence to suggest that Tongkat Ali can increase size. The general consensus is that it can increase sexual desire and performance as well as act as a testosterone booster, which does help with gaining muscle mass.

There have been some studies showing that for testosterone replacement therapies, a significant increase in penile dimensions occurs. This is still being studied and researched so there is no definitive answer. But it goes to show you the extent to which this hormone can affect your body.

Does Tongkat Ali really work?

There are hundreds of studies and scientific evidence to suggest that Eurycoma Longifolia / Long Jack / Tongkat Ali does work as a natural supplement. Some studies have shown that it can help boost testosterone levels, energy levels and libido and they all look very promising. We've compiled a list of studies below.

We're confident in our Long Jack product because we've gone through this list of Eurycoma Longifolia related clinical studies and that give us the assurance to offer a 100% wellness refund guarantee. This means you have 30 days to see if anything changes for the better after using our formula and if they don't - We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

As always - consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

We hope this article has been helpful and informative. If you have any questions or would like to purchase our high-quality Tongkat Ali Australian Extract, please don’t hesitate to purchase or get in touch with us today.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to take effect?

This is dependent on the person. Some people may feel the effects within a few days at higher dosages (1500mg of our formulation), while others may take a little longer (up to a couple of weeks). We recommend taking our Eurycoma Longifolia Supplement for at least a month to experience the full range of benefits that this wonderful plant has to offer for your health.

When is the best time to take Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali has been consumed for centuries as part of a daily ritual to promote health and wellness.

The best time to take Long Jack would be in the morning, on an empty stomach. This will allow for the most effective absorption of the extract.

If you are a sports lover or an active athlete, take Tongkat Ali an hour before going to the gym or engaging in athletic/sports activities.

More Scientific Clinical Studies On Tongkat Ali Extract

We get it - you're a little sceptical. You want to do your research. That’s why we’ve prepared all the clinical studies in one place. Feel free to have a read at your own place. The studies were done with similar dosages that are contained in our Long Jack Bottles. As you will see - long jack is a very potent supplement - especially as men age.

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