Tongkat Ali, also deemed Malaysian Ginseng, is a herbal supplement derived from the root scrub of Eurycoma Longiflia plants. It is endemic to the South East Asian countries of Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, and Vietnam. For the past 20 years, the medical community has been engaged in rigorous investigations regarding the health benefits of the condiment, and various promising results have been accrued. From anti-anxiety benefits to cancer-fighting properties, Tongkat Ali is equipped with properties that can revolutionize how we view contemporary preventative and curative therapies.

Tongkat Ali Powder

It is noteworthy to mention that Tongkat Ali has been an elemental part of traditional herbal concoctions since time immemorial. The herb has been used in Asia to manage many ailments, such as indigestion, gout, stress, joint pains, insomnia, malaria infection, fevers, and much more. In addition, herbologists describe Tongkat Ali as an adaptogen, meaning that it can help an individual’s body assuage various stresses arising from chemical, physical, and emotional triggers. 

In recent times, Tongkat Ali has garnered immense popularity owing to its beneficial constituents, like flavonoids and alkaloids, which are robust antioxidants that can fight cellular damage caused by free radicals. The main bioactive compounds found in Tongkat Ali are –

  • Eurycomalactone
  • Eurycomaoside
  • Eurycolactone
  • Eurycomanone
  • A substantial proportion of alkaloids and quassinoids

One domain where the current medical studies have identified favorable results of Tongkat Ali usage is body composition. Do you want to know what it is all about? If yes, then read ahead!

The Ergogenic Aids of Tongkat Ali for Bodybuilders

A vehement health benefit of Tongkat Ali, identified by medical investigations, is related to boosting our athletic performance and increasing muscle mass. The presence of bioactive compounds called quassinoids in the herb helps us use the body’s energy reserves more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance. Thus, Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement serving as an ergogenic aid, a substance that can enhance physical performance and improve body composition. For instance, a small five-week study of 14 men participating in a strength-training program found that those who took 100 mg of Tongkat Ali per day experienced a significantly greater increase in lean body mass as opposed to the placebo cohort.

Therefore, bodybuilders, cyclists, weight trainers, etc. looking for an organic, side effects-free, and efficacious herbal supplement can consider Tongkat Ali. However, Tongkat Ali’s efficiency depends upon the dosage and duration of use. As such, having concrete knowledge about these two aspects is essential if you want to reap the maximum benefits from the herbal supplement. So, without further ado, let us dovetail into the ideal dosage of Tongkat Ali for bodybuilders and follow it up with some ancillary information.

Bodybuilder Thinking About Tongkat Ali

What Is the Optimal Dosage of Tongkat Ali for Bodybuilding?

To begin with, Tongkat Ali is a dosage-dependent health supplement that can deliver optimal gains only through correct consumption. In addition, the supplement’s potency also plays a pivotal role in determining its overall efficacy. Experts opine that the ideal and safe dosage of Tongkat Ali ranges from 200 mg to 400 mg per day. However, the dosage may slightly alter when it comes to pertinent health goals like increasing muscle mass and improving physical strength. A health-focus Tongkat Ali dosage guide for bodybuilding can assist you in seeing results more quickly. So, let us glance through the dosage guide of the supplement –

  • Daily dosages of 400mg to 600mg are recommended for bodybuilding.
  • 200–400 milligrams per day for gaining muscular mass without fat.
  • 200–400 milligrams per day for athletics and anaerobic exercise
  • Erectile dysfunction: 200–400 milligrams every day
  • For increased sperm concentration and sperm motility, 200 mg daily
  • For increasing testosterone levels: 200mg – 400mg daily 
  • For cortisol reduction: 200mg daily
  • When taken daily, doses of 100–200 milligrams (mg) are effective for boosting the immune system.

It is essential to remember that although Tongkat Ali is a unique and evidence-backed herbal ingredient, it is not a miraculous product that can erase all your health concerns. To reap the optimum benefits of Tongkat Ali, you shoul complement its consumption with a healthy diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, and likewise. Now that we know about the ideal dosage of Tongkat Ali for bodybuilding and other health-specific objectives let us look at its general dosage guide. 

General Dosage Guide of Tongkat Ali

If you take Tongkat Ali to revitalize your overall health and well-being, then the dosages are different from the ones mentioned above. A general dosage guide is directed toward individuals who resort to Tongkat Ali without any specific focus. The advisable daily dosage of Tongkat Ali is 150 mg to 200 mg per day for healthy adults over the age of 18.

  • The minimum effective dose for general consumption: is 150 mg daily
  • The maximum recommended dose for general usage: is 600 mg daily
  • You can consume it daily, before or after a meal
  • You can also consume Tongkat Ali supplements at intervals and on weekly breaks.
  • To see the positive effects of the herb, you need to consume Tongkat Ali for four to twelve weeks at the least.
  • Tongkat Ali is also shown to offer desired results with an alternate-week consumption pattern. 

Wrapping it Up

Nowadays, specific Tongkat Ali health supplement brands recommend a 600 mg to 1000 mg dosage. However, you might not need to opt for such a high product concentration. There is a direct relationship between the potency and efficacy of Tongkat Ali. In simple terms, if you are consuming a potent Tongkat Ali product, you can consider a lower dosage of around 200 mg daily to achieve your health goals. However, if the Tongkat Ali supplement is less potent, you might need a higher supplement dosage to see good results. But, a word of caution: Consuming a higher Tongkat Ali dosage from a less potent product may cause nausea, below-average benefits, and other side effects. Thus, the better trajectory to follow is to opt for a highly potent Tongkat Ali product and consider a light dosage. But, as is the case with all other health supplements, you should talk to a health professional prior to taking Tongkat Ali, either for generic or bodybuilding purposes. 

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