The Right Scientific Dosage For Tongkat Ali to Increase Testosterone Levels

Tongkat Ali is known for its many health benefits, including increased lean muscle mass, improved sports performances, improved immunity, improved erectile function, and increased testosterone. This herbal supplement, derived from the Medicinal herb Eurycoma Longifolia, a native of southeast Asian countries, specifically Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, has been providing medicinal cures in these regions for centuries. Apart from its use in improving erectile function, Tongkat Ali has also been known to help combat malaria, fever, and other bacterial infections. Since it is a health supplement, there has been a lot of research; however, there is no unanimously agreed-upon method or dosage for intake.

Eurycoma Longifolia Shrub

In general, the recommended amount of daily dosage of Tongkat Ali is 200-1500 mg. However, for specific purposes, there may be more or less dosage required. There are also some precautions that need to be observed when consuming Tongkat Ali. It is vital for all users, new and experienced with this herbal supplement, to keep these precautions in mind and follow the instruction carefully when consuming Tongkat Ali.

How to Consume Tongkat Ali

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There are a few ways in which Tongkat Ali can be consumed. The supplement is available in various forms like Capsules or Powder. It also comes in various strengths, making it essential for the consumer to check the label before buying. There are also different strengths in terms of how concentrated the extract is. Two of the most common strengths are 100×1 and 200×1. What this means is basically that 100 kg of Eurycoma Longifolia (also known as Long Jack) was used to produce 1 kg of Tongkat Ali Extract, and in the other case, 200 kgs of Eurycoma Longifolia was used to extract 2 kg of Tongkat Ali. This ratio is important to note as it would help determine how much Tongkat Ali needs to be consumed in a day.

Depending upon the variation of the Supplement, Powder, or Capsule, Tongkat Ali can be consumed in the following ways:

  • If the consumer is using Tongkat Ali Powder, they can mix it in with a big glass of water or even herbal tea. There are no temperatures that have been noted to make any difference as of now, so you can use either warm or cold water/liquid as you wish.
  • If consuming a Tongkat Ali Capsule, intake with a lot of water is advised.
  • It is highly recommended that Tongkat Ali be consumed after a light meal or a healthy shake or protein shake. Consuming heavy meals must be avoided to prevent the chances of an upset stomach.

Consumption of the required daily dose of Tongkat Ali can also be divided into two. So, for example, if a consumer is advised to intake 500mg of Tongkat Ali in a day, they can take 250 mg after breakfast and 250 mg shortly after lunch. A lot of people prefer this because Tongkat Ali is known for giving you a lot of energy, so breaking up the intake can help prevent hyperactivity.

Precautions to observe when consuming Tongkat Ali

When it comes to precautions needed to be observed when consuming any sort of supplement or medications, herbal or synthetic, these need to be taken seriously. Just because a particular product has been derived from a plant does not mean that it cannot have side effects. As such, necessary care must be provided. The most common side-effect of Tongkat Ali is an upset stomach. Improper intake or excessive intake of the product or consuming it with heavy meals can make it too much for your stomach to handle, leading to issues such as this. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing and consuming Tongkat Ali:

  • The strength of the supplement: As established, Tongkat Ali comes in various strengths, making it essential to note the strength of the product that you buy. This is important because you would need to adjust the dosage accordingly.
  • Tongkat Ali can pose the danger of toxicity if it is not extracted correctly. Tongkat Ali supplements are known for containing certain levels of mercury. If excessively consumed, it can cause serious harm.
  • Method of Extraction: Tongkat Ali is commonly extracted using either water or Ethanol. Tongkat Ali extracted with Ethanol can be harmful to excess intake, making it essential to buy the kind produced with water.
  • Consumers who have daily medications prescribed to them must consult their medical practitioner before starting to consume Tongkat Ali and understand how much they can consume.

How Much Tongkat Ali to Consume to Increase T Levels

Since Tongkat Ali is used for various purposes, the recommended dosage for each use also varies. If your purpose for using Tongkat Ali is lean muscle building, then you would need to consume a different amount of Tongkat Ali as if your essential purpose is improving erectile function.

If you are looking to consume Tongkat Ali with the purpose of increasing your testosterone level, the recommended daily intake of Tongkat Ali is 600 mg. After various lab experiments and double-blind studies, in which two groups of men were studied, one group was given 600 mg of Tongkat Ali, and the other group was fed a placebo; it was found that 600 mg of Tongkat Ali significantly increased the level of testosterone.

The double-blind study was conducted by drawing the blood of all the volunteers before the tests began. These individuals were divided into two groups, without their knowledge, and one of them was given Tongkat Ali (600 mg daily). Fourteen days after the tests were completed, another blood sample was drawn wherein individuals who got the actual supplement had increased testosterone levels by 15%.

Whatever your purpose for using Tongkat Ali may be, it is crucial to consider your age, medical history, health condition, and the daily recommended amount of Tongkat Ali for your specific purpose. If a consumer is new to the supplement, it is recommended they start slow and gradually increase the dosage. If you, too, are facing a similar issue, trying Tongkat Ali out is highly advisable. There is a lot of research that has gone into understanding the potency of this supplement.

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