Can You Take Tongkat Ali Everyday?

Tongkat Ali is a health supplement native to Southeast Asian countries. It is commonly found in the Indochinese, Indonesian and Phillipineian regions. However, it is used commonly all over Southeast Asia. Derived from the plant Eurycoma Longifolia, known popularly as Longjack, Tongkat Ali is an extract of the plant used for curing various ailments, including Malaria, Erectile Dysfunction, fever, Male Infertility, and bacterial infections. The product is found in various forms like capsules and powder; however, it is most commonly available as a supplement in the form of pills and capsules. It is also made a part of herbal drinks for curing such ailments.

Despite being a plant extract, there are a lot of precautions to undertake when consuming Tongkat Ali. The product must only be used as advised by the caregiver, or it can have serious side effects. Special care must be taken if Tongkat Ali is being used to cure erectile dysfunction or male infertility, as incorrect intake or overuse can worsen the situation for the patient. The herbal supplement has been a part of Southeast Asian medicinal care for centuries for its exceptional healing properties.

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How to Take Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is known for energizing you, providing stress relief, and helping improve male sexual performance or erectile function. This is because the plant contains a lot of alkaloids, steroids, and flavonoids, among other complex compounds, which act as antioxidants, thereby repairing cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are harmful compounds that can damage cells in your body and lead to various serious ailments, including diabetes, cardiac disease, and more.

Whether you want to take Tongkat Ali to cure a disease, relieve stress, or improve your performance in your next sexual rendezvous, you must be aware of the correct way to consume it. This would significantly increase the herb’s effect and help you achieve the desired result.

Generally, all healthcare providers would advise new users to start slow. Tongkat Ali is quite a powerful herbal supplement, so taking large doses from the beginning can cause issues like an upset stomach. To prevent such things from happening, you must consume it with a big glass of water, preferably after a light meal or after taking a glass of protein shake. Not overeating before taking Tongkat Ali is essential because of the possibility of it causing an upset stomach. It is also advised that the user takes the supplement during morning hours because Tongkat Ali gives you a lot of energy.

Can you Take Tongkat Ali Everyday?

In simple words, yes. You can take Tongkat Ali everyday. However, taking a limited dosage is essential. The recommended amount is usually between 200 and 1500 mg per day. However, if a person has other daily medication, they may need to take a lesser dose of Tongkat Ali. As such, it is essential to confirm with the doctor before taking multiple medicines. Even though Tongkat Ali is a supplement, it can have dire effects if not taken with precaution.

When starting to take Tongkat Ali for the first time, the first week needs to be carefully monitored. It is recommended that the herbal supplement be started with small doses of around 200-300mg for the first week. Once the body is adjusted to the compounds, then the user can increase intake.

Tongkat Ali can be taken in the form of a powder mixed with herbal tea or water. Alternatively, it can also be consumed in the form of a pill or capsule. There are several variations of the product available in the market. They all ay have different strengths, so it is vital to check the product while purchasing. Taking a consistent dose of the supplement is essential to avoid any mishaps. It is also essential to confirm with a medical professional whether or not you can take this supplement every day. It is essential to do so because a lot of adults who use this product also require other medications like diabetes medicines and others alike. Whether or not Tangkot Ali herbal supplement can safely be taken with these medicines or not is vital to know. As every individual is different, it is vital for every potential Tongkat Ali user to check in with their medical practitioner before consuming this supplement.

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What are the side effects of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali, like all other supplements, has a ton of benefits but also some side effects. It is important to note that since Tongkat Ali is such a potent herbal supplement, its side effects can be more severe than those of regular health supplements.

First and foremost, Tongkat Ali can cause an upset stomach, thereby making it essential to ease into the dosage of the product. During the first week, the user must take a low dose of the supplement as recommended by the provider. From the second week, the dosage can be increased if so required. If a low dose is providing the desired results, it is recommended to continue it. Apart from that, if Tongkat Ali is being used to cure some ailment in children, it must only be used if a doctor approves it. Similarly, Pregnant and breastfeeding women must also only consume the product if their medical care provider approves intake of this herbal supplement, and only in the recommended amount of doses.

While there are not a lot of side effects found so far occurring from intake of Tongkat Ali, it must be remembered that there has not been a lot of research to make any conclusive claims. As such, it is crucial for users of this herbal supplement to take precautions when consuming the supplement. If you do not have any ailments, an intake of about 500mg per day is alright. However, being consistent in taking the supplement is essential as it is known to be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. By curbing stress-releasing hormones, Tongkat Ali can significantly help in minimizing stress and anxiety. A natural supplement and easy to use, Tongkat Ali has various benefits which must be utilized.

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