Which Brand of Tongkat Ali Is the Best?

Let’s get to the fact straight, finding high-quality Tongkat Ali isn’t easier. Numerous Tongkat Ali-based products are sold every year across the world. Still, multiple brands are offering non-verified and low-quality Tongkat Ali products. So, if you are up to finding the best Tongkat Ali brand you can rely on, then you need to learn various things.

Here we have brought a comprehensive guide to make searching for the best Tongkat Ali brand easier.

So, here we go:

Reasons to use the Tongkat Ali supplement

Tongkat Ali is a popular herbal medicine used in Southeast Asian traditional medicine for centuries. Tongkat Ali is effective for many health problems, including malaria and erectile dysfunction. Some of the Tongkat Ali benefits are well-research and considered the key reasons to use this supplement.

Here we also have brought scientific evidence and research-based reasons to use the Tongkat Ali supplement. Let’s have a look at these below:

  • The well-documented and most popular reason to use Tongkat Ali is its potential to increase male testosterone levels. Various things can lower testosterone levels in men, leading to erectile dysfunction, lower libido, and even infertility.

According to a research study, daily consumption of Tongkat Ali significantly improved testosterone levels in 90% of participants.

  • Tongkat Ali is also effective in lowering stress hormones in the body. It can improve mood and decrease anxiety in people who consume Tongkat Ali regularly.
  • People can also use Tongkat Ali to increase strength, stimulate appetite, and improve energy.
  • The researchers also found that long-term supplementation and a high dosage of Tongkat Ali can benefit endurance performance.
  • According to a review study, Tongkat Ali can also potentially prevent bone loss.
  • Some research studies have also indicated that the plant extract contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Best brand of Tongkat Ali to buy

Only a few brands of Tongkat Ali stand out for their product quality and higher concentrated extract. However, the fact here is that not all these brands are created equal.

Tongkat Ali Australia Is Booming In Popularity 1
Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali continues to be the highest-rated Tongkat Ali supplement in Australia.
  • Fortunately, Herbal Defence is the best brand of Tongkat Ali you can rely on throughout your lifetime. Herbal Defence is a popular Tongkat Ali brand in Australia that provides award-winning 200:1 Tongkat extract formula.

Key Characteristics of Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali Extract

Do you want to know what makes Herbal Defence the best brand of Tongkat Ali? Let’s look at the key characteristics below to understand things better.

So, here we go:

·       Sourced from Indonesia

The Men’s support formula of Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali is sourced from Indonesia. The brand always ensures to source the highest quality and purest Tongkat Ali. Therefore, you can rest assured that every Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali package you receive is of the highest quality.

·       Yellow-colored Tongkat Ali extract

Besides that, the Tongkat Ali extract from Herbal Defence is also available in the purest possible form. That’s the key reason the extract you get from here is in yellow.

·       200:1 strength ratio

The Tongkat Ali root extract from Herbal Defence is also available in the purest form. It is available with 200:1 strength, due to which the purity of this brand is truly unmatchable.

·       100% wellness guarantee

Herbal Defence also provides a 100% wellness guarantee to its consumers. According to this guarantee, you can get your full refund if you don’t find any effectiveness within 30 days of product purchasing and usage.

·       Budget-friendly pricing

Herbal Defence has maintained a budget-friendly pricing strategy. The consumers don’t need to spend a fortune to buy the purest Tongkat Ali extract here. Fortunately, it also provides a buy 2 get 1 free offer to make the supplement more economical for everyone.

·       Vegan-friendly capsule

Fortunately, only one vegan-friendly capsule of Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali extract is enough to experience its benefits.

Above all, Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali extract is a highly concentrated supplement. So, you can stay rest assured about the quality, purity, and effectiveness of Tongkat Ali while buying from Herbal Defence.

Things to consider while buying Tongkat Ali supplement

If you’re up to buying Tongkat Ali supplements from any other brand, here are your key considerations. Always keep the things enlisted below in mind to make the right purchase in this regard.

So, here we go:

Ensure to buy mature Tongkat Ali root

Always remember that high-quality Tongkat Ali extract comes from the plant’s roof. The root contains the highest bioactive compounds as it absorbs most of the nutrients from the soil. Moreover, the best root comes from a mature plant only.

Color of Tongkat Ali extract

Tongkat Ali is a naturally grown herbal medicine that is produced from roots. Therefore, the best quality and purest Tongkat Ali extract should be yellow in coloration. The extract’s color should be as close to the roots’ color as possible.

Learn about the used herbal extraction method.

Learning about the herbal extraction method is essential for the safety and potency of Tongkat Ali extract. Some of the most common extraction methods used for Tongkat Ali include:

  • Hot-water freeze-dried extraction ensures a super concentration of bioactive compounds.
  • Hot-water extraction provides higher bioactive compound quality.
  • Ethanol extraction most common extraction method but provides a lower quality of bioactive compounds.

The finest Tongkat Ali brands usually adopt the best and most complex herbal extraction method for ensured quality.

Active ingredients

You should always invest in the Tongkat Ali extract with no added ingredients. The body should absorb the Tongkat Ali in its purest form to experience all its effectiveness and benefits.

You should also check the active ingredients and their concentration in the supplement extracts to make the right decision.

Final Thoughts

Tongkat Ali Australia Is The Best Tongkat Ali Supplement In Australia

Tongkat Ali’s popularity has increased tremendously within a few years due to its numerous health and well-being benefits. However, choosing the right brand is essential when buying Tongkat Ali extract. This practice will ultimately help you to enjoy all the benefits of Tongkat Ali in the best possible way.


Various Tongkat Ali brands are available out there. However, Herbal Defence is arguably the best among all due to the purest Tongkat Ali extract it provides.

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