Also called Malaysian Ginseng, Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement extracted from the root scrub of Eurycoma Longiflia plants. It is endemic to the South East Asian countries of Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, and Vietnam. The condiment has garnered immense popularity within the alternative medicine domain, and multiple scientific studies have investigated its benefits for overall well-being and sexual health. In addition, rudimentary research has found that Tongkat Ali has cancer-fighting, ergogenic, and stress-relieving properties. 

Tongkat Ali Powder

Nevertheless, using Tongkat Ali as a health supplement is nothing new, as it has been a crucial part of traditional herbal concoctions in Asia since ancient times. It has been co-opted to manage multiple conditions, including indigestion, gout, stress, joint pains, insomnia, malaria infection, fevers, and much more. In addition, herbologists describe Tongkat Ali as an adaptogen, meaning that it can help an individual’s body assuage various stresses arising from chemical, physical, and emotional triggers. Modern medical examinations reveal that Tongkat Ali contains five essential bioactive compounds that can potentially fight cellular damage caused by free radicals. The bioactive compounds are –

  • Eurycomalactone
  • Eurycomaoside
  • Eurycolactone
  • Eurycomanone
  • A substantial proportion of alkaloids and quassinoids

In this article, we will concentrate on the ergogenic aids of Tongkat Ali and gauge the ideal dosage cycle needed to reap maximum benefits from the product. 

The Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Energy Efficiency and Body Composition

There is considerable scientific evidence to back the claim that Tongkat Ali is an aphrodisiac. For example, it potentially bolsters testosterone levels among men, improves erectile function, and also facilitates sperm motility. Likewise, another vehement merit of the herb is associated with improving athletic composition and muscle mass. The presence of bioactive compounds called quassinoids in the herb helps us use the body’s energy reserves more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance. Thus, Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement serving as an ergogenic aid, a substance that can enhance physical performance and improve body composition. For instance, a small five-week study of 14 men participating in a strength-training program found that those who took 100 mg of Tongkat Ali per day experienced a significantly greater increase in lean body mass as opposed to the placebo cohort.

Thus, bodybuilders, cyclists, and people aiming to gain muscle look to Tongkat Ali as an organic, side effects-free but effective health supplement. However, the efficacy of Tongkat Ali is premised on the dosage and duration of use. Therefore, possessing concrete and comprehensive knowledge becomes imperative. Bodybuilders, cyclists, weight trainers, etc, looking for an organic, side effects-free, and efficacious herbal supplement can consider Tongkat Ali. However, Tongkat Ali’s efficiency depends upon the dosage and duration of use. As such, having concrete knowledge about these two aspects is crucial. 

Tongkat Ali Dosage Cycle: A Crisp Overview

Tongkat Ali Powder

Tongkat Ali’s usage can be distinguished into three cycles: Increasing, Maintenance, and Lowering. Intaking Tongkat Ali by following this stipulated regime can help manage testosterone levels and make the most of your Tongkat Ali supplement. So, without further ado, let us glance at three of them.

  1. Increasing Cycle – To increase testosterone levels, it is recommended that a product with its main ingredient as Tongkat Ali extract, like a tablet, can be consumed three times a day. For instance, you can take one 400 mg tablet first in the morning, follow it up with another capsule midday, and then consume the last tablet last thing at night. It is an ideal routine until you feel your testosterone levels have reached the desired level. If you’re taking Tongkat Ali to bulk up, the increased testosterone won’t do you much good unless you give your workouts some time to fully adapt.
  1. Maintenance Cycle – After firmly believing that your testosterone levels have spiked to an optimal level, you can begin the maintenance cycle. There are two ways to achieve this feat: You can take one capsule of the health supplement in the morning and the second capsule at the end of the day for five days, with two days off. Secondly, you take one capsule per day last thing at night for four consecutive days and take the break on the fifth day. The ideal to determine which method works best for you is through trial and error. You can continue the maintenance regimen indefinitely, but it would be best to opt for a two-week rest from Tongkat Ali at least every 14 weeks for a safer and more holistic approach to the health supplement. 
  1. Lowering Cycle – In case you want to reduce your Tongkat Ali dosage or stop the supplement altogether, the best trajectory is to change the number of capsules per day rather than go cold turkey. For instance, if you have been taking two capsules a day per the maintenance cycle, drop your intake to one per day. Then, opt for a step-by-step approach to lower your weekly consumption. 

Following the dosage cycle mentioned above, you can reap maximum benefits from your Tongkat Ali health supplements. Likewise, if you are contemplating using Tongkat Ali for an indefinite period, then the maintenance cycle is what you should follow. When following the maintenance regimen, your body should produce a healthy testosterone level naturally, sans any side effects. Now that we have elaborated on the Tongkat Ali dosage cycle let us quickly skim through the standard dosage guide of the supplement.

Tongkat Ali Standard Dosage Guide for Various Objectives

  • The recommended dosage for bodybuilding is 400–600 milligrams per day.
  • Each day, take between 200 and 400 milligrams (mg) for gaining muscle mass without fat.
  • Daily dosing of 200–400 milligrams (mg) for athletic and anaerobic performance
  • For erectile function: 200mg to 400mg daily
  • For sperm motility and better sperm concentration: 200mg daily
  • For increasing testosterone levels: 200mg – 400mg daily 
  • Each day, 200 milligrams (mg) of cortisol can help reduce stress.
  • To boost your immune system in general, take 100–200 milligrams everyday.

It is essential to remember that Tongkat Ali, like any other dietary supplement, should be used under the guidance of a professional, such as a doctor, nutritionist, etc. Lastly, if you want the optimum benefits of Tongkat Ali, you shoul complement its consumption with a healthy diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, and likewise.

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