Tongkat Ali is a potent herb derived from the roots of a plant known as Eurycoma Longifolia. This plant is found widely in the Southeast Asian and Indochina regions. More particularly, Eurycoma Longifolia is found abundantly in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and parts of Indonesia and the Philippines. This herb has been in use in ancient cultures in this region and has a long history of providing a myriad of benefits. For centuries, this herb has been used in these regions to cure fever, malarial and bacterial infections, migraines, hormonal disorders, more specifically, the production of testosterone, thereby leading to curing erectile dysfunctions and improving male fertility. The herb has also been used widely to relieve stress and energize the body. Today, the herb is being transformed into herbal supplements and being made available worldwide. With this new market presence, Tongkat Ali is making a lot of heads turn.

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Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is derived from the roots of an ancient herb known as Eurycoma Longifolia. The herb has extensive benefits and is used for a variety of purposes. While more research is being put into the herb to find out the exact benefits and side effects associated with it, some of the most well-known benefits of Tongkat Ali include:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-malarial benefits
  • Helpful in overcoming fevers and migraines
  • Increases the production of testosterone
  • Improves male fertility
  • Improves sexual performance and drive
  • Helps improve erectile function and combat erectile dysfunction.
  • Helps in increasing the energy levels in your body
  • Helps in relieving stress and anxiety

With the many benefits that Tongkat Ali provides, it is no wonder that this herb has been in use since ancient times. Now, it is being discovered by the entire world for its many benefits and is being rapidly brought into mainstream use as a health supplement. In many parts of the world, Tongkat Ali is now easily found as a herbal supplement that can be added to a person’s daily routine. However, being relatively newly found, there is still a lot of research to find out more about this “miraculous” herb.

Since there are so many benefits to this product, it is recommended to be consumed by both men and women. However, given its strong reputation for boosting the level of testosterone, males come out as the more significant target audience. In fact, in a lot of places, women also refrain from taking Tongkat Ali for the fear that the increased testosterone levels would lead to the development of secondary male features like increased facial hair. A lot of people also wonder if increased testosterone production will conflict with the estrogen found in women and cause some long-term consequences. With all this research going on, there is a rapidly increasing male audience for the product. This has also led to a rise in a lot of questions about the product, more specifically around the ideal dosage and the best time to consume Tongkat Ali.

When is the best time to take Tongkat Ali?

Before determining the best time to take Tongkat Ali, it is crucial to find out the correct dosage of the product for you. To do so, you can check the box of the product; however, this is a general recommendation, and how much is suitable for you may depend upon various factors. Some of these would include your age, gender, health condition, presence of any ailments like diabetes, heart trouble, BP, etc., among other things. As such, it is best to consult a doctor and get an informed answer. In general, 500mg to 1000mg of Tongkat Ali consumed daily is considered safe. It must also be remembered that there may be side effects of Tongkat Ali; therefore, when starting it off, new consumers must start with lower doses for about a week and then gradually increase consumption, not exceeding 1,000 mg per day. Another essential fact to remember is that Tongkat Ali is available in varied strengths, most commonly 1×100 and 1×200. It is important to note these in order to adjust intake. For example, if you consume 400 mg of 1×100 strength Tongkat Ali, you only need 200 mg of 1×200 strength Tongkat Ali. These numbers signify how much Eurycoma Longifolia (100 kgs or 200kgs) was used to derive 1 kg of Tongkat Ali health Supplement, and thereby how strong the effect of the product is.

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Now coming to the best time for its consumption, since Tongkat Ali is a powerful and potent supplement that is known for giving you energy, consuming it in the early portion of the day is highly recommended. You can break up the consumption into two parts and have one half of the dosage after breakfast and the other half after lunch. However, it must be remembered that Tongkat Ali can cause an upset stomach, because of which it is recommended that you consume it after a light meal, more preferably a protein shake. Heavy meals when consuming Tongkat Ali must be avoided. As such, having Tongkat Ali after breakfast would be most suitable, and it will keep you energized throughout the day. While you can consume Tongkat Ali any time of the day, consuming it after dinner may keep you up all night and then exhausted the next day due to lack of sleep.

With the many variables around the product, it becomes essential for consumers and potential consumers to clarify what intake is suitable for them. So consult a doctor and start consuming Tongkat Ali for overall better health. Tongkat Ali is suitable for both men and women, and everyone can benefit from it, provided they consume it in a regulated manner and keep monitoring their symptoms to ensure they are not undergoing any side effects of the product. Pregnant women, children, and older people who take other medications or have any health conditions must, however, not consume Tongkat Ali. Apart from these categories of people, anyone, adult males and females, can safely take Tongkat Ali to get energized, relieve stress, or overcome other more severe issues.

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