The Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

The Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, known formally as Eurycoma Longifolia and also as Longjack and Pasak Bumi, is a plant belonging to the Simaroubaceae family. This family of plants belongs to the Indochina region, particularly Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. It is also, however, widely found in Indonesia and in the Philippines in some measure. The exact origins of this herbal plant are much debated and unclear. While the plant itself is a flowering shrub, it is the roots that are used for their medicinal and supplemental benefits. Tongkat Ali has been in use in the Southeast Asian regions since ancient times for its many benefits. Today, it is being used globally for its health benefits and also for its effects on a person’s hormones leading to better sexual health.

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Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, having medicinal significance in the eastern world for the past few centuries, is becoming a popular health supplement being consumed in the west. Many think of it as a safer alternative to Viagra for the kind of reputation this product has. However, Tongkat Ali provides many more benefits than simply improving sexual health in Men. Tongkat Ali is now readily available in the form of health supplements in the shape of pills or powders of varying strengths. More people are consuming it every day to overcome various health issues. Whether it is a simple lack of energy, or a need to increase testosterone, men and women both can reap the benefits of Tongkat Ali.

Among the various benefits of Tongkat Ali, the most significant ones include:

  • Tongkat Ali relieves stress. As such, it is also used by athletes to control the level of stress they experience.
  • Improved Testosterone levels and therefore improved sexual performance and drive.
  • It may help improve erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves mood. By relieving stress and affecting hormones directly, Tongkat Ali also helps in improving the consumer’s mood.
  • The increased testosterone levels also contribute to improving energy levels and strength levels in a person.
  • Tongkat Ali also helps improve muscle mass and strength.
  • Useful in the treatment of fever, arthritis and a natural antimalarial herb.
  • Individuals suffering from migraine also benefit from the consumption of Tongkat Ali.

Despite the various benefits of the herb, there can be multiple side effects to it as well. Although it is increasingly becoming popular, there has not yet been enough research into the herb. As such, while the side effects and benefits of the herb are known to some extent, there could be more side effects or benefits than we address in this article.

As you consider adding Tongkat Ali to your wellness routine, it’s important to choose a product that is safe, effective, and responsibly sourced. Our 60-capsule High Potency 200:1 Tongkat Ali Extract meets these criteria, providing a reliable supplement option for those seeking the herb’s numerous health advantages.

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Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

As Tongkat Ali gains more and more attention and popularity, more clinical trials are also taking place to understand what exact properties or chemical structures are lending Tongkat Ali its remarkable qualities. However, even though there are a number of benefits, like any other natural or herbal supplement, Tongkat Ali also possesses some side effects like potential side effects on hair. Some of the most significant side effects of Tongkat Ali include:

  • When purchasing Tongkat Ali, it is essential to read through its ingredients. This is crucial because various brands of Tongkat Ali supplements have been found to contain mercury in higher concentrations than it is safe for consumption. Daily intake of this can have a lethal effect. In fact, Tongkat Ali’s liver side effects can be associated with the high concentration of mercury in some brands of the supplement.
  • People suffering from hormonal cancer are advised against consuming Tongkat Ali because it increases testosterone levels in all consumers and can thus cause more harm.
  • People suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, or taking medication for diabetes or improper blood pressure are also advised against the consumption of Tongkat Ali.
  • Tongkat Ali also poses potential side effects on the hair. As with most other supplements, this supplement can also lead to hair loss due to increased hormonal production.

Beyond these known side effects, there could be other risks or even Tongkat Ali liver side effects that are yet to be found. However, when the product is taken, there are certain precautions to adhere to.

  • First of all, anyone thinking of consuming Tongkat Ali must first consult a dietary physician or a general doctor to understand if it is safe for them to intake this supplement at all.
  • Furthermore, those who start consuming it must know what is the ideal dosage for their consumption and ensure not to exceed that amount. While yes, the package contains recommended dosage, everyone’s tolerance of a substance can be different, primarily guided by their internal health conditions. Thus, the ideal dosage must also be confirmed.
  • Thirdly, when taking Tongkat Ali, it is essential to note that it comes in various strengths, most commonly 1×100 and 1×200. What this means is that 1kg of the supplement was made using 100kgs of the herbal root, or 1 kg of the supplement was made using 200kgs of the herb. Clearly, the 1×200 strength is higher in concentration and must be consumed lesser than a 1×100 strength supplement. Adjusting dosage as per strength is essential to avoid side effects.
  • Lastly, consumption of Tongkat Ali must also be in the manner suggested by the doctor or as per the instructions on the box. In general, it is advised that Tongkat Ali be taken with a big glass of water or protein shake. Consumers are advised not to consume very heavy meals before consuming Tongkat Ali as it can lead to an upset stomach.
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Though there are a number of risks and side effects that the product may have, there are also a lot of benefits of this natural herbal supplement. Given the myriad of pros of Tongkat Ali, consumers can bring it into their routine, provided they follow the recommended dosage, consume it in the manner that it must be consumed, and purchase it wisely as well. If all precautions are taken, consumers are sure to see visible results in the form of better overall health from the consumption of Tongkat Ali.

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