Should you take Tongkat Ali with or without Food?

Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement extracted from the Eurycoma Longifolia plant. This plant is found primarily in Southeast Asian countries and is native to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia; however, it can also be found in Thailand, the Philippines, and the Indo-Chinese region commonly. It has been in use in these regions for centuries for its many medicinal benefits. Tongkat Ali is believed to be very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, overcoming fever, and malaria, improving sexual performance, and overcoming erectile dysfunction and male infertility, among other benefits.

Taking Food With Tongkat Ali? Is It Recommended?

Tongkat Ali, like all other supplements available on the market, requires the consumer to follow certain precautions when consuming the product. Over intake or improper intake can cause troubles like an upset stomach. There may also be certain people like older adults who have other regular medications, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and young children who need to observe extra precautions and take a minimal dose of Tongkat Ali under careful supervision. To avoid any mishaps on account of improper intake of the herbal supplement, new users who plan on consuming the supplement daily and long-term must start slow. In the first week of consuming Tongkat Ali Herbal Supplement, you can notice an upset stomach; this could be because you have either eaten too much before consuming the supplement it is reacting with another medication that you may be on or because the dose is too high. It can also occur if none of these criteria are met; however, you must consult a medical caregiver to confirm.

How must Tongkat Ali be Consumed?

Before consuming, every new supplement user must confirm the suitable dosage from the supplement provider or a medical practitioner. Tongkat Ali should not be taken without professional supervision. This is especially the case when consumers are taking other medicines like diabetes or cardio-vascular ailments, or cholesterol medicines that need to be taken daily. Since Tongkat Ali is also needed to be taken every day, if the purpose is to relieve stress or improve erectile function, it is essential to know the correct dose suitable. In general, all consumers who seek to consume Tongkat Ali every day are advised to consume between 200-400 mg of the product every day. To answer the question at hand, yes, Tongkat Ali can be consumed with Food. It can be consumed without Food. However, it is recommended to consume a light meal or a shake like a protein shake before taking the supplement.

Tongkat Ali Australia Product

Tongkat Ali is available in a variety of formats, including powder, tablets, and capsules. All of these formats come in a variety of strengths, making it vital for consumers to check the product strength before buying. Depending upon which kind of product you are using, the consumer can take Tongkat Ali by itself with a big glass of water, or even mix it in water (if it is in powder form), or you can even mix it with herbal tea. There are a few precautions that must be followed when consuming Tongkat Ali. These include:

  • Not eating a heavy meal before consuming the supplement as it can cause or aggravate an upset stomach.
  • Eating light food or taking a protein shake works just fine.
  • Taking the supplement with a big glass of water is recommended.
  • Being consistent in the time of consuming the supplement is essential, as the consumption quantities are set for a 24-hour period. In simple words, 200-400 mg of Tongkat Ali in 24 hours.
  • Tongkat Ali gives you a lot of energy, so it is recommended to the consumer after breakfast so that you do not get unnecessarily energized right before bedtime.
  • Tongkat Ali dosage can be split into two parts if you so prefer. In this case, take the first dose between breakfast and lunch and the second between lunch and dinner. Make sure you keep a healthy time distance between the two doses if you are adopting that method.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali?

There are many considerations that play an essential role when purchasing Tongkat Ali online or even from the market. These are crucial facts and must not be overlooked:

  • Tongkat Ali is known to have varying concentrations of Mercury depending on the supplier. This can be extremely harmful in the long run, making it essential to go through the ingredients carefully when purchasing. Purchase from a trusted source, and check that the product does not contain dangerous amounts of Mercury (like our product).
  • Some brands and sellers have also been found to contain a very low concentration of the actual herb, and a high amount of prescription drugs like Viagara mixed in it and being sold as Tongkat Ali.
  • Tongkat Ali is available in different strengths like 100×1 or 200×1. This means 100 kgs of the original herb have been used to extract and produce 1 kg of the supplement, and so on. The higher the concentration of the product, the lower the intake needs to be. 400mg of 100×1 strength product is not the same as 400mg of 200×1 strength product. As such, doses need to be adjusted as per the supplement strength.
  • Tongkat Ali is extracted from the plant in a number of ways. Tongkat Ali Supplement extracted with water is safe to consume, whereas Tongkat Ali Supplement extracted with Ethanol can be toxic if a large amount is consumed.

By following the necessary precautions, choosing your supplier of Tongkat Ali wisely, and consuming the product as per instructions, you can see a visible shift in your health. While there has been some research into Tongkat Ali, there isn’t nearly enough to determine whether it actually works or spells some placebo effect. Whatever the case may be, the herb is found to have minimal side effects when consumed properly and is quite effective at work. Consumers need to find a trusted supplier, who sells good products, remain consistent in use, and determine the need as per the advice of their healthcare provider in order to reap the benefits of this nearly miraculous herbal supplement. We have a tonne of glowing reviews here at Tongkat Ali Australia and can recommend our product wholeheartedly.

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