Is Combining DHEA and Tongkat Ali a good idea

Supplements show great improvement in health and performance in different aspects of life. While some are steroids, some are herbal supplements that are healthier. One of the herbal supplements is Tongkat Ali, which helps improve performance and strength.

On the other hand, there is a steroid hormone people take for sexual improvement. The question arises about taking them together, with both of these having many similarities. So, here you will know all about these hormones and their combination.

A little overview of DHEA

DHEA is a steroid hormone Molecole
DHEA is a steroid hormone Molecole

DHEA is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced in the body. It helps make and also converts itself into sex hormones. Dehydroepiandrosterone appears in the body naturally, but the levels automatically start dropping after 30 years of age. That’s where taking supplements can be helpful.

Supplements of DHEA are made from soybeans and bring multiple benefits to the body. After the body stops producing it in optimal amounts, taking its supplements can keep your body performing like your younger self.

A little overview of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is commonly known as a natural remedy for sexual performance. It comes from Southeast Asia and is extracted from the roots of the green herb plant Eurycoma longifolia. It has aphrodisiac effects, which add to its medicinal value.

That’s why it is traditionally used for herbal treatment of sexual performance and lack of strength or performance. Unlike DHEA, it is not produced naturally in the body but still has amazing benefits.

What does DHEA do in the body?

DHEA has several benefits for the body, including:

·      Osteoporosis

DHEA is effective in treating osteoporosis, and it helps improve bone health. It is because DHEA supplements improve bone density. It usually decreases with hormonal imbalance due to aging; taking DHEA supplements balances things out.

·      Higher sexual hormone levels

DHEA is great for boosting your testosterone and estrogen levels. These levels start getting down after your reach 30 years. So, taking the DHEA supplement increases hormone levels and improves libido, which results in a better sexual life in both men and women with a higher drive.

·      Aging and Depression

DHEA is good against aging and depression. Depression is often caused due to low DHEA levels, and so is aging. Taking DHEA supplements can slow the aging process and improve cognitive functions in the body. It also improves hydration in the skin and keeps it younger.

DHEA and Tongkat Ali Both Help You Age Gracefully
DHEA and Tongkat Ali Can Both Help You Age Gracefully

What does Tongkat Ali do in the body?

Some of the best effects of Tongkat Ali on the human body include the following:

·      Better physical strength

Tongkat Ali is great for increasing your physical strength. It improves bone density and helps against osteoporosis, and improves muscle mass. Additionally, Tongkat Ali helps control stress levels, increasing the efficiency with ergogenic aid.

·      Higher testosterone levels

Tongkat Ali increases semen volume, sperm viability, mobility, and count. With higher production of testosterone and better erectile function, sexual performance improves. It also helps in improving dopamine levels in the brain.

·      Anticancer properties

It is also effective against cancerous cells in the body. Tongkat Ali helps decrease the chances of cancer and also helps fight against the following types of cancer:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Cervical cancer

Is Combining DHEA and Tongkat Ali a good idea?

Tongkat Ali and DHEA are consumed to achieve better sexual performance in males. While these work on sexual performance, they also have some other benefits. The main concern about these is if there would be any problems if you combine them and use them together.

When we combine two medicines or supplements, there are a few things to consider, including their dosage, cross-action in the body, and precautions. Below are the details about all these factors.

What is the recommended dosage of both?

When combining two supplements, the first important thing is to consider their dosage; for Tongkat Ali, the recommended dosage is between 200 and 500mg daily. The same of DHEA is 200 mg daily; at max, you can take 250mg daily. When you think about combining them, note that their benefits will also increase. So, lowering the dosage is essential.

When you consider their cross-connection, there is no interaction between these two. You can use these together, and they won’t react with one another as long you are not taking any other medications. If you are taking other medications, consult your healthcare professional beforehand.

The best way to combine DHEA and Tongkat Ali.

It is a good idea to combine Tongkat Ali and DHEA. However, you don’t need to combine them right away. The best way to combine these is by first taking one. Say that you take Tongkat Ali and you enjoy its benefits. If you are taking recommended dosage and Tongkat Ali is not giving you all the benefits, then you can take DHEA.

Take the recommended dosage of DHEA, and you will get additional benefits. However, while you combine them, staying within the recommended limits is essential.

Are there any precautions you need to be careful about?

Yes, the only precaution when combining these is the recommended daily dosage. Overdosage of any can cause side effects in your body. Do not take more than 1000mg of Tongkat Ali or 250mg of DHEA for better safety. Also, don’t exceed the maximum daily limit when you combine these.

So, combining DHEA and Tongkat Ali is a good idea as long as you keep things controlled. Overdosage or not taking care of the side effects can cause problems. For the best experience, consult a medical professional before combining these.


Excess of everything is bad, so whenever you take a supplement or combine it with another, it is good to be careful about your intake. As both of these focus on a better sexual experience, combining these under controlled dosage can bring many benefits. However, Tongkat Ali is much safer and healthier since it is completely herbal. If you want authentic Tongkat Ali, going for our Indonesian extract will be the best since it is native to Southeast Asia.

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