How Do You Cycle Dosage of Tongkat Ali?

How Do You Cycle Dosage of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement derived from the Eurycoma Longiflia root scrub. It is native to Southeast Asian countries such as Java, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Sumatra. The herbal remedy has gotten immense popularity as various scientific research studies have investigated its effectiveness.

Whenever it’s the cycle dosage of Tongkat Ali, it significantly depends on the product potency. In addition, the purpose of taking Tongkat Ali also plays a key role in optimizing Tongkat Ali cycle dosage.

At the time, Tongkat Ali doesn’t have any universal production standard. Therefore, its strength and dosage vary as per manufacture or brand.

How to cycle the dosage of Tongkat Ali to achieve optimal results?

People up to take Tongkat Ali generally have a common question “how to cycle Tongkat Ali dosage.”  So, here we will let you learn the best ways to cycle your Tongkat Ali dosage for the best results.

The On/OFF dosage cycle is quite popular among Tongkat Ali users. Still, unveiling the best way to cycle Tongkat Ali dosage is important.

Introduction to Tongkat Ali cycling

Tongkat Ali cycling is the practice of managing regular intervals for taking supplements. It is believed that managing an efficient Tongkat Ali dosage cycling can optimize its hormonal responses and bioactive ingredients’ efficacy. That’s why people report more benefits from Tongkat Ali cycling than otherwise.

On/Off cycling is the key practice at present. Even though the frequency of on/off Tongkat Ali cycling depends upon your supplement needs and how your body reacts to it. Every person has a tolerance level when it’s to Tongkat Ali cycling. Still, there are two main practices available.

On/Off Tongkat Ali cycle practices you should know

  • 4 to 8 weeks duration is the most common practice when it’s to Tongkat Ali on/off cycling. People usually keep 4 to 8 weeks ON and 1 to 2 weeks OFF in this cycling practice.
  • In contrast, the best practice duration is every 4 weeks, in which people keep 4 weeks on and 1 week off.
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What are the types of Tongkat Ali cycling?

Typically, the usage of Tongkat Ali has been classified into three main cycles. These include the increasing cycle, lowering cycle, and maintenance cycle. Considering this stipulated regime is effective in raising testosterone levels. In addition, it can also help consumers to achieve optimal health benefits from Tongkat Ali usage.

Do you want to know what each of these cycles contains? Let’s have a look at the details below to understand things better.

So, here we go:

·       Increasing cycle

In increasing cycle, take Tongkat Ali supplement with its main ingredient thrice daily to increase testosterone levels. For instance, you can take your first Tongkat Ali capsule early in the morning. Then take another dose in midday. Take the last capsule of Tongkat Ali as the last thing to do at night.

You can adopt this ideal routine until your testosterone has reached the desired level.

·       Lowering cycle

If you want to stop supplement consumption, or lower the dosage, change your daily capsule quantity instead of going cold turkey. For example, if you have been taking Tongkat Ali twice daily, reduce it to one per day. Simultaneously, lower weekly consumption by taking a step-by-step approach.

·       Maintenance cycle

After ensuring your testosterone levels have spiked to the ideal level, you can start following the maintenance cycle. You can maintain the cycle by taking one capsule in the morning and a second at your day’s end. Also, consider 5 days on and 2 days off cycle.

The other option here is to consecutively take one capsule every night for four days and skip 5th day. Give both a try to both options and see what works best for you.

Regardless of your chosen cycle, taking off from Tongkat Ali two weeks after every 14 days is necessary. It would be a more holistic and safer approach to consuming the Tongkat Ali supplement.

Reasons to cycle Tongkat Ali dosage

There are multiple reasons to choose an adequate Tongkat Ali dosage cycle. The key reasons include tolerance, threshold, and suppression.

·       Maintaining necessary tolerance levels

Cycling your Tongkat Ali consumption is necessary to maintain tolerance levels against drugs. When you start consuming herbal supplements, your bodies take longer to get used to their bioactive compounds.

If you consume Tongkat Ali without cycling, the body will not produce effective results. Additionally, consuming Tongkat Ali without any break can also lead to overdosage.

·       Suppression to ensure the development of a positive reaction to the supplement

Suppression is another key reason to cycle Tongkat Ali dosage. Suppression is when our body relies on abundant nutrients and decides not to make more of these. Tongkat Ali dosage cycling will lower suppression and make your body develop a positive reaction to the supplement.

·       The threshold helps the body in deciding what to absorb

Tongkat Ali dosage cycling also helps maintain the threshold of what the body will absorb. It will also flush away the additional. The threshold works as when you achieve the maximum Tongkat Ali supplement your body needs; it will flush the rest out of the system.

Tips to cycle the dosage of Tongkat Ali

Do you want to make the most out of your Tongkat Ali intake? Then develop a Tongkat Ali dosage cycle while following the key tips enlisted below:

  • When you start to cycle your Tongkat Ali dosage, it is always better to start small. However, you can gradually increase the Tongkat Ali dosage per your needs.
  • Supplementing Tongkat Ali with regular exercise and a healthy diet
  •  can also be effective.
  • Consider taking a potent Tongkat Ali formulation to cycle your dosage for higher efficacy. Additionally, buy Tongkat Ali extract/supplement from a trusted source only for ensured results. Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali Extract is the purest extract you can consider here, as it ensures guaranteed results.
  • It would be better to be patient and examine how the body reacts to the supplement. You can also change the cycle to longer intervals whenever needed.
  • Like other herbal supplements, Tongkat Ali may take longer to show results. However, its efficacy will significantly depend upon the supplement quality you choose. It is important to cycle your Tongkat Ali dosage to experience optimal results.

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